Sample Preparation Stations

With clinical flow cytometry labs facing increasingly complex tests and a growing volume of requisitions, the need to automate sample preparation is critical.

Our sample preparation stations can help you increase productivity, decrease the potential of costly errors associated with manual procedures, and automate tasks such as pipetting and data processing.

The CellMek SPS Sample Preparation System automates a workflow—from sample loading to samples ready to analyze—without user intervention. The system can perform fully automated cell washing, RBC lysing, and antibody staining with a choice of dry and liquid reagents.

The TQ-Prep workstation, together with the IMMUNOPREP Reagent System, provides rapid, no-wash whole-blood sample preparation. Intended primarily for laboratories with a high test volume (at least 300 tests per month), the TQ-Prep uses the revolutionary patented lyse and fix technology to meet the demands on laboratories performing immunophenotyping and CD4 measurements.