ValitaTiter Assays for IgG Quantification

Results in minutes not hours.

ValitaTiter is a plate based, 96 and 384-well assay that offers a rapid, cost effective way to measure IgG. ValitaTiter is among the industry’s fastest IgG tests and is compatible with all plate readers with a Fluorescence Polarization module.

Straight from culture to plates and results

  • No sample preparation
  • No additional reagents
  • No wash

Measure IgG directly in cell suspension

  • Simple: Add, mix & read
  • Rapid: Results in less than 15 minutes
  • Automation friendly: 3 steps in standard plates
  • Value for money: Competition beating prices

Rapid & Easy to Use

ValitaTiter is the fastest and easiest IgG quantification assay in the industry and has a number of advantages over other long and tedious techniques like ELISA and HPLC.


Technical Notes

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